Register for License

In order to communicate with an endpoint you need a gateway license for the Unified-E App Manager which is running on the gateway. Register here. For developers the license is for free. All required software can be downloaded here.
Communication never takes place directly with the endpoint but always indirectly via a gateway.

Step 1: Create the Operator App

You will create your operator app within the Unified-E App Designer. Get the latest version of the Unified-E App Designer and install it on your developer PC.

Create a New Project

  1.  Select or add the required endpoint adapters and add the data points (e. g. symbols or registers of your PLC).
  2. Create individual views (pages) and push messages for your operator app.

A view configuration might look like this:

App Test

Test your application in the simulator either by simulated values or by connecting directly to the endpoint.

Directly Connecting to Endpoints:
This is only possible if you have direct access to the endpoint. This test can be started by commanding the menu 'Run->Run'.

Simulating Values:
Start this test by commanding the menu 'Run-> Run Simulator.'
You can simulate datapoint values in the datapoint table by entering values in the "Simulated values" column.

Generate an “App Package“

The App package contains both the presentation data with its bound datapoints and the endpoint adapters. Creating the App package is required to get the App installed on the Unified-E App Manager. 

  1. Make sure your App project has the right version and a unique App-ID set.
  2. In Unified-E App Designer, go to menu 'Run->Create App Package'.
  3. Choose a package file name and press 'Save'.

The App package is now ready for being installed on the Unified-E App Manager.

Step 2: Install the App Package on the Gateway

Get the latest version of the Unified-E App Manager and install it on your gateway.

Requirements for the gateway computer:
The endpoints must be accessible with the endpoint adapters from the gatway (e. g. via local network). In case you want to use your operator app via internet the gateway also has to be connected to the Internet.

Setup Communication

  1. Start Unified-E App Manager and go to tab "Communication".
  2. Set the operation mode.
  3. Login with your fully-qualified gateway name – which is attached to your license.

Install the App Package

  1. Go to tab "Apps".
  2. Click the "Install" button and select your app package file.

The gateway is now ready for user registration.

Step 3: Register user

Get Unified-E App from Store

Download the Unified-E app on the user's smartphone.The following systems are currently being supported:

  • Windows Phone 8.1or higher: Download via Windows Store.
  • Android ab Kitkat or higher: Download via Google Play.
  • iOS ab 8.0 or higher: Download via app store.

User Registration Process

  1. Administrator: The gateway administrator needs to open the Unified-E App Manager.
  2. Administrator: Open the mask "Register new user" and confirm the registration with "Start". The user now has one minute to register.
  3. User: Start the Unified E-App. On the start screen, press the plus-button to add a new app.
  4. User: The user can scan the QR code directly from the registration mask or register manually by exchanging the password.

Now the user is ready to start the operator app and access the machine or plant.

Step 4: Start the Operator App

  1. Start the Unified-E app on your smartphone.
  2. Select the registered operator app for monitoring and control.