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Unified-E Software Suite

Operator App Engineering Software
for Machines and Plants

Unified-E Software Suite

With Unified-E, you create an operator app that communicates with endpoints such as a PLC, database, or web service. You configure your individual app in the program "App Designer" without programming. The app you created will run on Android and iOS tablets and smartphones as well as on Windows computers with dynamically customizable layouts.



Allows easy creation
of operator apps

With the Unified-E App Designer the operating app is configured via drag and drop. Programming skills for app development are not required.
Your app will automatically run on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Simplifies the maintenance of machines
and plants

Your machine can be reached both over the Internet and in the lokal network.
Exemplary applications are monitoring and recording, including push notifications, of production and company data.

Is optimized for use in

Direct access to the widely used PLC controls from Siemens S7, ControlLogix from Allen-Bradley or Beckhoff is possible via pre-configured adapters.

Supports open standard protocols

Unified-E supports SIMATIC S7, REST but also Modbus and OPC UA (this also allows access to B&R and WAGO controllers). The data exchange with Windows programs such. as LabVIEW VI is also supported.

Ensures fast and consistent
data exchange

Communication over the Internet is firewall-friendly and secure through the use of gateways. Optionally, the communication can be implemented directly between the HMI device and the endpoint.

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Many applications in automation must be remotely monitored or remotely controlled. It makes sense to use existing infrastructure and devices in the form of smartphones for this purpose.

Remote control of machines and plants

With Unified-E mobile HMI applications are possible, including the continuous recording of important production events.

Maintenance and calibration of machines

Machines in production must be constantly monitored. With Unified-E continuous data acquisition and optimization of the system is possible.

Data acquisition of production and process flows

Unified-E simplifies access to database, production and enterprise data.

Visualization solutions

Unified-E makes it easy to display production data, diagrams, and lists on presentation screens in the shop floor.

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Thats how it works...

Unified-E consists of the Unified-E App Designer tool, the base app required for installation and registration on the smartphone, and the associated endpoint adapters. Optionally, secure data exchange via a gateway can be realized with the help of the Unified-E App Manager.

App Designer

You configure your individual operating app in the "Unified-E App Designer" program. Subsequently, the configured app is registered in a base app "Unified-E" from the App Store on the HMI device.

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Endpoint Adapter

The main goal of a control app is communication with an endpoint. This can be a terminal such as a PLC control or even a data source.
Endpoints communicate with different protocols depending on the manufacturer and standard.

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Communication Types

In direct communication, the HMI communicates directly with the endpoint. For gateway communication, functions such as push messages and a connection via the Internet are available.

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