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Unified-E App Designer

Configure Operator Apps
without Programming

Unified-E App Designer

With the help of the Unified-E App-Designer program, you can create your own smartphone app for operating your machine or system.
You configure your individual app in the "App Designer" program without programming.


Unidfied-E App-Designer supports all functions of a modern graphical editor. It simplifies the graphical design of the operator views by simply dragging and dropping flexible, reusable display elements. The selection and handling of all relevant functional elements and panels is supported by the clearly structured project navigation.

The main editor displays the views for the configuration, such as the visualization of data in the form of lists or charts. Also in the main editor, all push messages are defined, which should be sent for important events, ie machine alarms.


The following main functions are available for the design of the operater app or the display of data:

Simple graphical creation of views via drag & drop
Numerous layout and design functions for smartphones and tablets
Dynamic layouts for different display sizes can be defined
Images and SVG graphics are easy to import
Datapoints can be displayed as charts and lists in real time
Value displays are updated in real time
Value inputs are possible via input fields, sliders or scanning
The operator app can communicate with multiple endpoints at the same time
Push messages and alarm generation is supported

Try it yourself and download the Unified-E App Designer for free!


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The main goal of an operator app is the communication with an endpoint. This may be a terminal like a PLC control or any other data source. Unified-E supports Enpoint adapters for the main devices and protocols.

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